About us

The PAGE Group was set up in 1990. We offer membership to  an exclusive group of distributors, which is restricted to 40 members. We provide an industry leading printing and online catalogue, along with a complete software solution. Our aim is to ensure that our members can be the most efficient in the industry.

How we operate

Because of the unique way we operate, we are able to negotiate extraordinary discounts from our suppliers giving our members a financial advantage over their competitors. Our strict editorial policies mean that all products selected for the catalogue are competitively priced, maintaining a high return for the distributor and giving their customers outstanding value for money.

The benefits to you

If your turnover is from £200k+, we would expect to save you 4-5% off your bottom line. As you grow and your turnover increases then that saving percentage will reduce. But you will always be expected to make a profit from PAGE Partnership membership.

Don’t just take our word for it

See the directory of our members.